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91% of Mobile Internet Usage is used to socialise, compared to 79% on Desktops.

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The boom in wireless devices is driving Internet use more than ever before.

How are you planning to engage with your customers and increase sales?

What ways are your customers accessing the Internet and how does it look today?

Are you going to utilise the many free networking sites available to increase your brand awareness and improve your ranking with the major search engines.

Is your website mobile friendly - can your customers easily navigate your site on their handheld devices? 

Are you in control of your own information?   And can you get your app in front of a captive audience?

Creating social media accounts might be one way to engage your customers.   How are you planning to create an interactive dialogue.

Many retailers rely on a wireless network infrastructure in order to improve customer service, stand out amongst their competitors,   simplify day to day activities and grow revenue.

The increase of devices used within the retail sector are becoming more and more reliant upon WiFi. This can be from the warehouse to the shop floor, and managing the stock room efficiently to point of sale.

Your Customers

Providing WiFi in your store can help to increase footfall, simply because people wish to remain connected,  whether it's to make sure they are always up to date with the latest news,  use their smart phones to obtain price comparisons by scanning QR codes. 

Our solution will allow you to educate your customers on the spot with special offers and promotions.  Not only that, we can send them an automatic e-mail before they have even left the premises.

Whatever the size of your project, our experienced development team will be delighted to work with you.

Cafe's & Restaurants...

If you offer a Free Public WiFi Hotspot in your Cafe or Restaurant you can increase your customer base. 

Total convenience: With business people often wishing to get away from the office and impress their clientele in relaxed surroundings, with quality food and beverages, your cafe or restaurant can offer them the chance to make presentations or host informal meetings or just chill out.

Why not allow your visitors to log on, surf the net, send & receive e-mails or play games on their handheld games consoles.    This means that they are more likely to return in the future.

WiFi - an emerging sea of change in business life.

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