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By 2014 mobile internet will have taken over desktop internet usage.


A Public WiFi Hotspot is a great way to attract new customers and increase sales. The amount of smart phones, tablet PCs and general laptops that people carry around now is phenomenal, and by 2014 statistics show that at this rate mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage respectively.

We all know that when you're out and about, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many other social media technologies are a way of keeping in touch with family, friends and business contacts.  A task that can take seconds on a Free WiFi network compared to nearly a minute on 3G is always favorable.

With this in mind, if you can attract just ONE person per day to come into your venue to use the Free WiFi,  that means on average you are getting 30 extra customers a month.  Even if only 50% make a purchase,  then you will have covered the cost of your WiFi and more...

A study in the US showed that venues offering a FREE WiFi Hotspot can generate up to 30% increased sales.

With our unique marketing platform, you can even market your venue on our hotspot network around the UK

So, if you're interested in marketing your venue, or offering a Free Public WiFi Hotspot, contact us now.

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