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When you consider the leisure industry, there are so many different types of businesses, all of which can benefit from the many advantages of having a Free Public WiFi Hotspot installed.


Your guests don’t need to lose touch when they leave their home or office if your venue has a Free Public WiFi hotspot installed. Hotels and Guest Houses providing this service are now a major determining choice for business people.

Being able to take advantage of the wealth of information on the Internet or being able to connect to a corporate intranet, not only in the reception area and meeting rooms but also in the comfort and privacy of a hotel room will provide you with a competitive advantage.

Gym & Leisure Facilities

Many gym users nowadays take along their handheld devices with them when they go to train or exercise, the main use of this is to listen to music. However, what if they are following a training program from one of the many free or low cost apps that are now available.   Your potential customers get themselves all set up and then realise they are unable to access their training plans,  as there is no internet signal in the gym.  WiFi can provide you with a competitive advantage.

In addition,  many gyms & leisure facilities usually have a large seating areas with a juice bar or cafe. Offering a Free Public WiFi service will encourage your clients to stay a little longer, and therefore increasing the chance of sales.

Keep your brand in their pocket after they have left, as they will associate their apps with your venue.

Public Parks & Campsites

Many parks are full when the sun shines. Everybody wants to get out in the fresh air with their family and  friends. What if your park offered a Free Public WiFi service so that all the park users can then keep connected whilst out and about without worrying?

Campsites are always popular in the summer, full of families, keen walkers and groups of friends that wish to have a break for the weekend.  Allowing them to remain connected to the world outside using a  Free Public WiFi Hotspots can play a major part in their decision, and this could be the difference between them choosing your venue, over your competitors.

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