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Half of all local searches are now made using a mobile device. Using Mobile Tags (QR Codes), you can provide a customer with more product information, price comparisons, discount codes, automated newsletters and more...

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Many companies have a complete IT infrastructure in place to support the demands of the modern business. Generally this will comprise of a set of desktop tools such as Microsoft Office, local area printing, e-mail and connection to a corporate network by means of a wide area network (WAN). And this environment is fine for your employees.

Your visitors.

By visitors we mean customers, suppliers, partners, indeed anyone who is not directly authorised to connect to your corporate network.

The Benefits.

A WiFi Internet hotspot provides a fast and convenient way for your visitors to get online at popular meeting points around your business, such as the conference and reception areas.

Providing WiFi Internet access for your visitors to check e-mail and pick up those last minute changes prepared back at the office not only allows them to be more productive, your staff can concentrate on their core activities and won't have to worry about a thing.

What about security?

By installing a LetsGoWiFi Hotspot, you won't have to worry about a thing.  We take care of all the security aspects:

  • No risk of virus transfer between your network and that of your customer.
  • No need to change security settings.
  • No risk of direct communication between visitors' computers.
  • Visitors can securely connect to their corporate network from your premises.
  • Content filtering is activated.
  • Educate your visitors on the spot with information about your organisation.

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